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Meghalaya Tour Packages

If you're searching out memorable Meghalaya Tour Packages, HelloVisit holiday packages are the best choice for you. HelloVisit offers the widest variety of customizable Meghalaya tours to healthy each type of vacationer from Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, or Bangalore. Explore tour packages to Meghalaya with unbeatable offers and discounts. Explore the main Meghalaya sightseeing factors with the sort of experiential tours and sports protected in HelloVisit’s Meghalaya tour packages.

Be it a brief trip or a protracted itinerary, a chilled life or an adventure holiday, anything your travel preference, HelloVisit has the proper Meghalaya holiday tours so that you can pick out from. Looking to indulge? Don’t neglect to test out our luxurious Meghalaya tour packages imparting the nice of resorts and inclusions designed to pamper you to your Meghalaya holiday. If you desire to understand extra approximately Meghalaya travel such as the nice time to visit Meghalaya, the way to attain Meghalaya, activities in Meghalaya, and so on.

Places to Visit on Meghalaya Tour Packages

There are many Meghalaya tour places you may encounter on your Meghalaya tour packages. However, ensure you do now no longer leave out the subsequent must-go-to regions on your Meghalaya tour.


The capital city of Meghalaya has a whole lot extra to provide than the manicured gardens and appropriate climate. Typically, Meghalaya tour packages additionally provide you with access to Shillong's high-quality aroma of pine bushes and waterfalls rolling down the mountains. Despite how lengthy you propose to live in Shillong, as a part of your Meghalaya tour packages or different tour packages, there is sure stuff you should not leave out on. When you choose a Meghalaya package, you could revel in a ship trip in the stunning Umiam Lake or head to East Khasi Hills if mountaineering is your thing. Visit Elephant fall; the maximum visited Meghalaya tour region because of its clean taking walks the path and picturesque surroundings.


There is hardly ever an afternoon in Cherrapunji that goes without rainfall. If you're searching out India vacation packages withinside the wettest region on earth, Cherrapunji is one of the maximum breathtaking locations you could go to. If you propose your holidays in Meghalaya, visit Cherrapunji for a few great reviews. As a part of your Meghalaya tour packages, you could have an exciting enjoy at Mawsmai Cave and Krem Mawmluh Cave, which can be mysterious but excellent caves. You additionally have Nokrek National Park, River Umngot, and Kynrem Falls to make your Meghalaya tour packages memorable.


Jowai is one of the prettiest elements of Meghalaya, covered in lots of vacation packages. Located in the coronary heart of the country, you may get a flavor of everything- from stunning heritage, captivating valleys, scenic lakes, and extra in Jowai whilst you are taking one of the Meghalaya tour packages. If you're interested in monoliths, visit Nartiang, a Meghalaya tour region with the tallest monoliths withinside the world. Tryshi and Karng Suri falls are a number of the nice Meghalaya tour locations to realize Meghalaya’s natural beauty. Meghalaya tour packages encompass picnics in Syntu Ksiar and Thadlaskein lake. Do now no longer overlook to feature Jowai on your Meghalaya tour packages, even supposing it calls for customization.


Tura is the most important city withinside the West Garo Hills and is a first-rate region for tourists. Meghalaya tour packages will offer you a couple of alternatives in Tura to entertain yourself, in particular with laugh sports which include hiking, tenting, sightseeing, mountain biking, and plenty of extras. Tura Peak, Nokrek Biosphere Reserve, Rongbangdare Waterfalls, and Chandigre Rural Village are a number of the locations to discover on your India tours to Tura.

Things to Do on Meghalaya Tour Packages

Learn About Meghalaya Culture at Don Bosco Museum

As a part of many Meghalaya tour packages, the Don Bosco Museum is a must-see region to find out about the Northeast human beings' wealthy and multi-cultural lifestyle. Visit this Meghalaya tour region and immerse yourself withinside the mesmerizing collections of paintings, books, sculptures, artifacts, and extra.

Seek Adventure at Umiam Lake

Are you searching out an adventure-stuffed spot on your Meghalaya packages? Located approximately 15 km from Shillong, Umiam Lake is a nice region for tenting and picnics. Be positive to book alternatives to row a ship, revel in water sports, witness the sunset, and plenty extra on the Umiam lake as a part of your Meghalaya tour packages.

Celebrate the Shad Suk Mynsiem Festival

If you take the place to take the Assam Meghalaya tour package in April, then take part withinside the maximum critical pageant of Meghalaya human beings - Shad Suk Mynsiem Festival. Celebrated via way of means of the Jaintia and Garo tribes, the pageant is likewise referred to as the "pass of pleased hearts". It is a three-day agrarian pageant, in which human beings come collectively and seed plants, dance, and have fun the upcoming year with positivity.

Experience Nightlife of Meghalaya

Most Meghalaya tour packages will provide you with a number of nice locations to party. There are many colorful and occurring nightclubs that unfold throughout Meghalaya. Depending upon the metropolis you're in, choose the nice nightclub. Cloud 9, Polo Irish Pub, and Tango are a number of the well-known golf equipment in Shillong.

Best time to go to Meghalaya

Our hand-picked Meghalaya holiday tour packages additionally pamper the tourists with the maximum indulgent spa, wellbeing, and remedy alternatives. There are lots of alternatives to pick from starting from holistic Ayurveda to inexperienced tea hydrotherapy. The nice time to visit Meghalaya is from October thru May. Monsoon in Meghalaya arrives early and maintains until September. To watch the waterfalls of their complete glory, autumn is a great time to visit Meghalaya.

Summer Season

Meghalaya reviews summers from April until June and the temperature fluctuates among 12-ranges Celsius to 30-ranges Celsius. The mornings and evenings at some stage in summer are satisfactory and great for sightseeing and a plethora of doors sports. On Meghalaya, tour plan discover the well-known gala's like Shad Suk Mynsiem and Chad Sukra which can be celebrated withinside the month of April and is widely known for 3 days. The whole region will become colorful and dips in the festivities. You will witness dance, music, and conventional rituals everywhere in Meghalaya.

Monsoon Season

From June until October are the months of heavy rainfall. The region sees extreme and non-forestall downpours at some stage in those months. The region is likewise domestic to the world's rainiest towns which include Cherrapunji and Mawsynram. Sightseeing and doors sports grow to be very tough at some stage in the monsoon months. It is higher to keep away from touring to Meghalaya at some stage in the monsoon. Though the region seems inexperienced and fresh, as it's far washed via way of means of heavy rains. The whole country covers in lush greenery during the monsoon season. You can even see waterfalls gushing incomplete velocity and a maximum of the water our bodies are packed with water. If you adore rains, you could go in advance and plan a trip in the monsoon.

Winter Season

The winter starts in November and is there till February. The temperature at some stage in winters fluctuates between 15-ranges Celsius to 3-degrees Celsius. Morning and evenings are normally foggey at some stage in those months, but you may easily pass for sightseeing at some stage in the day. The climate is cool and misty that's best for sports like hiking and other thrilling sports.

How To Reach Meghalaya?

Here are the subsequent methods to attain Meghalaya without dealing with any hassle. Read directly to know the extraordinary types of ways to attain the region of magical waterfalls and caves.

By Air:-The simplest airport in Meghalaya is in Umroi that's 35km from Shillong. Post attaining the airport you could take a cab or a taxi and head on your destination. The airport isn't always very related to different Indian towns and for this very reason, there are limited flights to be had. Nevertheless, check the contemporary updates after which plan your route accordingly.

By Train:-As of now, there are no railway stations in Meghalaya. The closest station is in Guwahati that's a hundred km away from Shillong and you could use that to reach the capital of Meghalaya. The Guwahati station is properly linked with different Indian towns and is regularly used to attain Meghalaya.

By Bus:-A lot of people pick this form of transportation to attain Meghalaya as it's far handy and economical. There are diverse buses, each normal and deluxe to be had for you. Keep in thoughts that buses are sluggish and much less comfortable, as a result, many tourists use taxis or cabs to attain the favored vacation spot in Meghalaya.

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