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Srinagar Gulmarg Sonmarg Pahalgam Tour Plan for 6 Days

Srinagar Gulmarg Sonmarg Pahalgam Tour Plan for 6 Days

Srinagar Gulmarg Sonmarg Pahalgam Tour Plan for 6 Days: Unveiling the Paradise of Kashmir


Welcome to a mesmerizing escapade through the crown jewel of India, Kashmir. Our Srinagar Gulmarg Sonmarg Pahalgam Tour Plan for 6 days is meticulously designed to ensure an enriching experience. From the cultural richness of Srinagar to the pristine landscapes of Gulmarg, Sonmarg, and Pahalgam, this journey promises memories that last a lifetime.

Srinagar Gulmarg Sonmarg Pahalgam Tour Plan Itinerary


1. Srinagar: Cultural Marvels

Day 1: Dal Lake Exploration

Your journey begins with a Shikara ride on Dal Lake, immersing in the unique cultural tapestry of Srinagar. Admire floating gardens, vibrant houseboats, and local life unfolding on the water.


Day 2: Nishat Bagh - Mughal Grandeur

Explore Nishat Bagh, a Mughal garden of bliss, showcasing terraced splendor and stunning views of the Dal Lake. Revel in the serenity of this historic masterpiece.

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Day 3: Spiritual Sojourn at Shankaracharya Temple

Embark on a spiritual journey at Shankaracharya Temple, perched on a hilltop. Witness breathtaking panoramic views of Srinagar, adding a divine touch to your exploration.


2. Gulmarg: Alpine Escapade

Day 4: Gulmarg Gondola Ride

On day four, experience the thrill of the Gulmarg Gondola Ride, the world's second-highest cable car. Marvel at the snow-capped peaks and lush greenery unfolding beneath.

Day 5: Golfing in the Heights

Indulge in a unique golfing experience at the highest golf course in the world. Gulmarg offers not just adventure but a chance to play amidst breathtaking alpine scenery.


Day 6: Trekking at Khilanmarg

Conclude your Gulmarg adventure with a trek to Khilanmarg, surrounded by pristine landscapes. The trek offers a perfect blend of adventure and natural beauty.

3. Sonmarg: Gold in Meadows

Day 7: Thajiwas Glacier Excursion

Enter the meadow of gold, Sonmarg, with an excursion to Thajiwas Glacier. Immerse yourself in the winter wonderland, surrounded by snow-capped peaks.


Day 8: Tranquility by Sindh River

Experience tranquility by the Sindh River on day eight. Let the gentle flow of the river and the breathtaking scenery create a peaceful ambiance.

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Day 9: Stargazing at Zero Point

Conclude your Sonmarg experience with stargazing at Zero Point. Surrounded by the majestic mountains, witness the magic of the night sky.


4. Pahalgam: Nature's Palette

Day 10: Betaab Valley Exploration

Explore Betaab Valley, named after a Bollywood film. Marvel at the lush greenery, crystal-clear streams, and the cinematic landscapes.


Day 11: Aru Valley - Scenic Beauty

Day eleven invites you to Aru Valley, a picturesque landscape that serves as a canvas painted by nature. Enjoy leisurely walks amidst nature's beauty.

Day 12: Chandanwari and Amarnath Yatra

Conclude your journey with a visit to Chandanwari, the starting point of the sacred Amarnath Yatra pilgrimage. Feel the spiritual aura of this sacred destination.



Q: When is the best time for this 6-day tour?

A: The ideal time is from May to September, ensuring pleasant weather for an immersive experience.


Q: Any adventure activities included?

A: Yes, trekking in Gulmarg and Sonmarg adds an adventurous touch to the cultural exploration.


Q: What to pack for the trip?

A: Pack comfortable clothing, sunscreen, a hat, and walking shoes for varying temperatures.


Q: Can the tour be personalized?

A: Absolutely! Our guides can tailor the itinerary for a personalized and memorable experience.


Q: Are vegetarian options available?

A: Yes, the region offers delicious vegetarian dishes, ensuring diverse culinary experiences.


Q: How to capture the best moments?

A: Carry a good camera or smartphone to document the stunning landscapes and unforgettable memories.



The Srinagar Gulmarg Sonmarg Pahalgam Tour Plan for 6 days promises an odyssey through the unparalleled beauty of Kashmir. Immerse yourself in culture, adventure, and spirituality, creating memories that linger—a testament to the enchanting allure of the Kashmir Valley.