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Top 10 best places to visit in December near Bangalore

Top 10 best places to visit in December near Bangalore

About Top 10 best places to visit in December near Bangalore

Bangalore or Bengaluru[ new name] is an incredible destination and it is also referred to as the garden city of India. It is also called the tech city or the silicon valley of India. It is a city for business tourism and there is much to see here in terms of monuments and spots of natural beauty. Bangalore is famous for the MG Road, a commercial street, and is also called the pub city with many restaurants and multi-star lodges and hotels. You can come here through Karnataka trip packages.

List of the Top 10 Places to visit near Bangalore are:



At a distance of 61 km from Bangalore, you can visit the Nandi hills and this is a wonderful place for a weekend trip. This is a hill fortress with a history. The elevation touches 1500 meters. 

How to visit Nandi Hills?

You can come by road from Bangalore. Bangalore is connected by rail/train with other parts of India. 

Why visit Nandi Hills?

Heritage, natural beauty, and stunning glimpses 

The average temperature in DEC 

15 DEGREE celsius 

Things to do at Nandi Hills

Enjoy the natural beauty, visit temples

Average trip duration for Nandi Hills

1 day




You can travel to Ramanagara and which is just a drive away from Bangalore. It is a wonderful place to relax during weekends. This is the place where the famous movie Sholay was shot. You can enjoy trekking here.

Average trip duration for Ramanagara

1 day

The average temperature in DEC for Ramanagara

10 to 20-degree celsius

Why to visit Ramanagara?

Good natural site


Photography, trekking, rock climbing

How to reach Ramanagara?

You can come from Bangalore by train or road. You can come to Bangalore by flight. 




Also called the Scotland of India, Coorg is a wonderful place consisting of streams and misty hills. You can have the traditional mouth-watering cuisine as well as adventure in this region. It is a coffee-producing hill spot. 

Things to do at Coorg

Waterfalls, a glimpse of nature, festivals

Why visit Coorg?

Environmental photographers paradise

Average trip duration for Coorg 

2 days

How to reach Coorg?

You can reach Coorg from Bangalore to Mysore by road. You can come to Bangalore by rail/air.

The average temperature in DEC





Kanakpura is a place for various adventures and you can come here for night trekking expeditions. You can come for water sports and capture some scenic shots of the natural surroundings. You can come here through the Bangalore trip package. 

How to reach Kanakpura?

You can reach it by road from Bangalore. You can reach Bangalore by train or road. 

Things to do at Kanakpura

Sightseeing, religious place sightseeing, trekking at Kabbaladurga

Average trip duration for Kanakpura

1 day

The average temperature in Dec for Kanakpura

15-degree celsius

Why visit Kanakpura?

Photographer’s paradise, sightseeing




Mysore is one of the finest places for global tourism and the region attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Also called the kingdom of Mysore, it is well known globally for the Mysore palace and Brindavan gardens. It is known for its famous Chamundi hills.


The average temperature in DEC at Mysore

18 DEGREE celsius

Things to do at Mysore

Natural beauty, heritage monuments

Why visit Mysore?

Mysore palace is a must-see experience. 

Average trip duration for Mysore

3 to 4 days

How to reach Mysore?

You can come here from Bangalore by road or rail. You can come to Bangalore by air.




Savandurga hills are the single biggest rock formation in Asia. It is situated near the Amaravati river. This is a  place for rock climbing and trekking. From the hilltop, you can see the beauty of the surroundings. 

How to reach Savandurga hills?

You can come by road from Bangalore and to Bangalore by train or road.

Things to do at Savandurga hills

Trekking, rock climbing

Why visit Savandurga hills?

Adventure, visit dam and temple

The average temperature in Dec in Savandurga hills

17-degree celsius

Average trip duration for Savandurga hills

1 day




Skandagiri is a good place with trekking opportunities and you can have exemplary views of beauty from the hilltop. You can have a good weekend trip to the area. The region is also called Kalavara Durga because of its historical relevance during the colonial era. You can come here through Bangalore trip packages. 

How to reach Skandagiri?

Come from Bangalore by bus. Reach Bangalore by train/air.

The average temperature in Dec in Skandagiri

15 to 20-degree celsius

Why visit Skandagiri?


Things to do at Skandagiri

Watch an exemplary nature view from a hilltop. 

Average trip duration for Skandagiri

1 day




Ooty is an exemplary place of natural beauty and from here you can see fascinating glimpses of nature that includes the famous Ooty Lake. Ooty is also called the queen of the hills and is part of the Nilgiri biosphere reserve. You can find good multi-star hotels here. 

The average temperature in Dec in Ooty

Less than 10 degrees celsius

Why visit Ooty?

The environmental trip, lake view, nature view

Things to do at Ooty

Honeymoon, picnic extra

Average trip duration for Ooty

2-3 days

How to reach Ooty?

Ooty is connected to Bangalore via road. Bangalore is connected to other parts by rail/air.




Makalidurga is among the attractive tourist spots near Bangalore. Here you can ascend the hill for the trekking trial. This is a place for you in case you are an adventure buff. From the hill, you can see the fascinating green landscape. Come here through Bangalore tour packages conducted by Hellovisit.

Things to do at Makalidurga


Why visit Makalidurga?

Enjoy the natural views.

Average trip duration for Makalidurga

1 day

The average temperature in Dec

17 to 20-degree celsius

How to reach?

You can come here by road from Bangalore. Up to Bangalore, you can reach by train or air. 




The place is around 70 km from Bangalore and here you can explore the mesmerizing creativity of nature. It is a weekend trip spot from Bangalore and if you have an inclination for geology, you can come here. You can see the caves here crafted from volcanic rocks. 

How to reach Antara Gange?

You can come by road from Bangalore. Bangalore is connected by rail or air to other parts. 

Things to do at Antara Gange


Why visit Antara Gange?

Weekend picnic trip

Average trip duration for Antara Gange

1  day

The average temperature in Dec

20-degree celsius

You can come to Bengaluru and visit the nearby destinations as well. It will be a cherishable experience through Bangalore trip packages.