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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Karnataka

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in Karnataka

Top 10 Incredible Honeymoon Destinations in Karnataka

Ranked as the fourth highly preferable tourism region in India, Karnataka offers splendid attractions. Extending Belgaum in the North to Bangalore in the south, it is a preferable state for honeymoon lovers. Here you find mesmerizing landscapes apart from the diverse cultural heritage, calm beaches as well as delicious food. Here you have a diversity of people and including Malayalis, Tamilians, Konkanis, Kannadigas, Muslims as well as Christians. You can come here through the Karnataka honeymoon trip from Mumbai. Here you find various protected monuments and the number of these monuments is second in India. Hampi has a maximum of these and it was part of the Vijayanagar Empire in the past centuries. The world's biggest monolith structure, the statue of Lord Gomteshwar in Shravanabelagola magnetizes pilgrims in thousands at the time of the Mahamastakabhisheka festival taking place every 12 years. Other than the diversity of heritage.

Karnataka is also environmentally rich, containing diverse wildlife. The state comprises five National Parks as well as more than twenty-five wildlife sanctuaries in the amazon which Bandipur, as well as Nagarhole national parks, are highly popular. Bengaluru is the state’s capital and is also referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. It is known for startup businesses as well as IT companies attracting business travelers in big numbers. Coorg is among the incredible spots in Karnataka and is known for its coffee plantations. Mysore is well known for its famous Mysore Palace. Hampi comprises ruins of the Vijayanagara Empire and Chikmagalur is an incredible hill station located in the Malnad region. Come here through the Karnataka honeymoon package from Delhi.

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List best Honeymoon destinations in Karnataka are mentioned below:

  1. Coorg-Misty landscape
  2. Gokarna-For Beach Lovers
  3. Badami-red sandstone valley
  4. Mysore-The City of Palaces
  5. Hampi-The City of Ruins
  6. Udupi-vegetarian cuisine
  7. Chikmagalur-Coffee Belt of Karnataka
  8. Jog Falls-For waterfall Lovers
  9. Bangalore-The Silicon Valley of India
  10. Dandeli-For River Rafting

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Coorg, Karnataka

Located in the midst of wonderful mountains and comprising a misty landscape, Coorg is a well-known coffee-producing belt. It is well known because of the splendid green hills as well as the streams that pierce through them. It is also an incredible destination due to the culture of the region. The Kodavas, a clan specializing in martial arts, are well known for their hospitable nature. Come here for the Karnataka honeymoon trip from Kolkata.More

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Gokarna, Karnataka

With incredible beaches as well as splendid landscapes, Gokarna is a Hindu pilgrim town and a preferable choice for beach lovers as well as hippies. Located on the Karwar coast, the region attracts travelers from different parts of the world for good travel enjoyment. Here you find secluded beaches like Kudle beach as well as Om Beach. You can be one with nature as you reach these beaches providing solitude. Come here through the Karnataka honeymoon tour from Hyderabad.

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Badami, Karnataka

Situated in the rugged red sandstone valley and engulfed by the Agastya Lake, Badami, earlier called Vatapi, is a delight for the archaeologist and comprises sandstone cave temples, fortresses as well as carvings. Situated in Bagalkot, Badami is on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Come here for the Karnataka honeymoon trip from Goa.

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Mysore, Karnataka

Also referred to as The City of Palaces, Mysuru, is among the preferable places for the travel enthusiast. The city is linked to the royal heritage, splendid architecture, famous silk sarees, yoga apart from sandalwood that is globally famous by the name Mysore Sandal. Situated in the Chamundi foothills, Mysore is a populated city in Karnataka attracting millions of travelers throughout the year. One of the splendid attractions is the mesmerizing Mysore Palace, listed as UNESCO World Heritage Site. Come here through the Mysore honeymoon package from Chennai.

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Hampi, Karnataka

Hampi, also referred to as the city of ruins, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Located in the hills and valleys, it is a preferred spot for the lover of heritage. Engulfed by five hundred old monuments, beautiful temples, street markets, bastions, treasury buildings as well as the Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi is a delight for the traveler. Hampi is an incredible region of heritage with multiple regions to explore. You can come here through the honeymoon in Karnataka trip from Gurugram.

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Udupi, Karnataka

Udupi is a coastal region and is well known for its vegetarian cuisine. The restaurants of Udupi are spread across India. Comprising carved ancient temples, splendid beaches as well as dense forests, Udupi is also well known for the educational hub called Manipal. Located at a distance of 60 km from Mangalore, Udupi is well known for its temples as well as mesmerizing beaches. Come here for the Udupi honeymoon trip package from Imphal.

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Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Also referred to as the ‘Coffee Belt of Karnataka’, Chikmagalur is located in the Mullayanagiri Range foothills and is a splendid hill station. Chikmagalur provides coffee fragrance in the air because of the innumerable coffee plantations. Known for its huge mountains, green forests as well as the calm environment, Chikmagalur is a preferable choice for the traveler. You can come here through the Karnataka honeymoon package tour.

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8-Jog Falls

Jog Falls, Karnataka

The second highly elevated plunge waterfall in the country, Jog Falls is a wonderful travel attraction and ranks number one in elevation among the waterfalls of Karnataka. Second, only to the Nohkalikai Falls in Meghalaya, it is an incredible spot for travelers. You can come here during the monsoon season to witness the waterfall in its full glory. Come here through the Karnataka trip package conducted by Hellovisit. You can also enjoy a wonderful honeymoon in this region.

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Bangalore, Karnataka

Also referred to as the Garden city as well as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is the third biggest city in India. Bangalore comprises pleasant weather, wonderful parks as well as various lakes. Bangalore is well known for eateries, street food corners, quirky cafes, coffee roasters as well as pubs that are spread across each corner of the city and serve cuisines from all over the world. Brunches, buffets, burgers, rooftop cafes, and late-night eateries, Bangalore comprises all these facilities. Come and enjoy a honeymoon in Bangalore through Bangalore tour packages from Delhi.

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Situated in the Western Ghats, Dandeli comprises lush green forests and is located on the banks of Kali river. Known for multiple adventure choices, the region is popular for river rafting on river kali. Adventure lovers have various options here like mountain biking, trekking, cycling, kayaking as well as canoeing. The Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary provides excitement for the wildlife lover. Here, you can see Bisons as well as Black Panthers apart from diverse flora. Come here through a Karnataka honeymoon trip package.

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