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Why should you visit Kashmir?

Why should you visit Kashmir?

Why should you visit Kashmir?

Kashmir has fascinated travelers for ages. Going to Kashmir is a wonderful family or group experience through Kashmir tour packages from Mumbai conducted by Hellovisit. Kashmir is known for its lush lakes and Mughal gardens and it is a great experience to be in this part of the world especially if you are a lover of natural beauty. You can come to Kashmir through Kashmir environmental trip packages conducted by Hellovisit.

Some reasons to visit Kashmir are:


Lush Landscapes

Kashmir comprises lush landscapes be it the mesmerizing mountains or the saffron fields or the splendid valleys or the sensational Mughal gardens at the backdrop of Dal lake. You can come to see all this through the Kashmir trip package from Kolkata. You can enjoy the splendid scenic views of meadows in Sonmarg with the exotic views of glaciers on the other end.

Fine Temperature

Kashmir offers you cool temperatures even in May and June when many places are dead hot during these months. Even in May, you do not require a fan during night forget about an AC. Kashmir has a good temperature throughout the year, especially during the night. When the entire country is burning in May with hot temperatures, Kashmir offers you cool weather during the nights. The valley remains cool because of the cool mountainous surroundings.


Regions of Kashmir and Ladakh are known for some of the very beautiful lakes acclaimed globally. Dal is one of the famous lakes and comprises houseboats. These are residential stay options in the water. It is a unique experience. Apart from lake Dal, Kashmir has other splendid lakes like Wullar. On Dal lake, you can visit the island of Char chinar on Shikara. It will be a romantic feel as a couple.

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Kashmir is a paradise for trekkers and lovers of the pristine environment. Trekking in the regions like Aru valley, Kishansar, Vishansar, Harmukh, Gangabal, Kolahoi, etc is an incredible experience. Come here through the Kashmir adventure trip packages from Goa. Because of the snowy landscapes during the winter season, certain regions of Kashmir are darling or skiing lovers. Outside camping near forests and hills is a great option if you intend to save mone that you will spend on hotels and resorts.

Holy Places

Kashmir was called the valley of seers. There is coordination among people of different faiths. You can find holy places like Kheerbhawani, Hazratbal, Shankaracharya temple, and many more apart from Gurudwaras and churches. The shrine of goddess Sharika devi on Hari Parbat offers you bliss as she is the patron goddess of Kashmir and is venerated much by the pandits of Kashmir. The places of great saints like rishi peer and bhagwan Gopinath are must-visits.

Heritage and Monuments

Kashmir comprises forts, museums, and palaces, and the experience to see all this is incredible for a heritage lover. Because of the rich past, you can see various items of art and artifacts here. Pari Mahal is a must see. It is said that fairies used to visit this structure in the past but all these tales are not verifiable. You can also visit the palace of Maharaja Gulab Singh. The old monuments of Char e Sharif are a must-visit to seek bliss.

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Kashmir is known for its tasty cuisines with specific variations in making when it comes to Hindus and Muslims. Kashmiri wazwan is famous globally. The vegetarian and nonvegetarian cuisines of Kashmir are divided on the pattern of driving between the two major communities of Kashmir comprising Muslims and Kashmiri pandits. Muslim pattern of non-vegetarian food is a bit different from that of Kashmiri pandit nonvegetarian food although both communities consume nonvegetarian foods.

Winter sports

If you are a lover of adventure, you can enjoy skiing in Pahalgam during the winter season and the experience is incredible. But make sure you know your level. Take the help of a guide if you are a fresher. You can also skate on the frozen Dal lake in winter. The ice skating experience is a memorable event. Come to the region through the Kashmir winter sports package from Mumbai conducted by Hellovisit.

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