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Best Things To Do In Srinagar

Best Things To Do In Srinagar

Srinagar - Fall in love with Kashmir charm

Srinagar is a city where you can enjoy adventure, beauty, and heritage. It is among the splendid cities of ancient origin. Come here through the Srinagar trip package conducted by Hellovisit.

Things To Do In Srinagar In 2023


Blessings at Shankaracharya temple

You can take the blessings at Shankaracharya temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is said that Shankaracharya visited this place during his time. You can come here through Srinagar trip packages from Delhi conducted by Hellovisit. There is a tale behind the Shankaracharya temple. It is said that a devotee saw a glimpse of Lord Shiva on reaching the top of the stairs that connect to the entrance of the temple. The temple is located on the hill and you can see a glimpse of the valley. best things to do in Srinagar tour by Hellovisit



You can trek to the strategic points in Srinagar. You can indulge in horse riding, trekking, paragliding, etc in this part of the world. Shankaracharya hill trek and Hari Parbat trek are preferable choices. Srinagar is truly an adventure spot for camping and trekking especially when you go to the outskirts. Having the boat ride to the interior parts of the famous Dal lake is a splendid experience and it is an adventure ride. You can enjoy the city through best things to do in Srinagar Kashmir adventure trip packages.

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Local Cuisines

Srinagar is known for its Kashmir cuisines that include Rogan Josh, yakhni, and many more. You can enjoy the taste of Kashmir wazwan which includes, gushtaba, and many more. The local cuisine of Srinagar has an influence by the kings who ruled Kashmir valley in the past. Kashmir is known for its lamb and goat meat and Rogan josh is cooked in multiple masalas that are authentic Kashmiri spices. The meat is cooked specially with all the spices till these fully merge with the meat.



You can shop for good items in Srinagar and these include items of handicrafts, carpets, and other types of clothing. If you are a lover of fashion, shopping in Srinagar will satisfy you. best things to do in Srinagar


Tulip Garden

One of the best spots for a stroll is the famous tulip garden of Srinagar. The aroma of different varieties of tulips will soothe you to the core. You will have a new lease on life. best things to do in Srinagar Come here through the Srinagar landscape trip packages from Mumbai conducted by Hellovisit.

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Bird Watching at Manasbal

If you are a lover of birds or an ornithologist, bird-watching at Manasbal lake is an experience you will cherish. Apart from enjoying the site of different varieties of birds, best things to do in Srinagar you can also enjoy water skiing and boating. Come during the morning hours and the chirping will thrill you with the natural melodies that nature bestows on you. You can come here through the Kashmir environment trip packages. If you are a lover of photography, you can take photographs of some of the popular birds of Kashmir like Hari.


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Hazratbal is a domed mosque and here you find the pious hair of the prophet Muhammad. It is among the holiest Muslim shrines of Kashmir. You find peace in visiting here. A place of piety, it is said that the relic came here hundreds of years ago from Mecca. The pious relic of the prophet Muhammed is on display on the birthday of prophet Muhammed and on various other occasions of high importance. You can come here through the Kashmir religious heritage trip packages.


Rafting in Sonmarg

If you are interested in rafting, Sonmarg is a place for you. You can have a wonderful rafting experience in the river Indus. But make sure that you have a certain level of training. If you are a fresher, you need an expert guide. Come here through the Srinagar adventure packages from Chennai conducted by Hellovisit. Rafting is a wonderful adventure sport that you can enjoy on the river Indus. You can also set up camps here especially if you want to enjoy the adventure for a few days.

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Gulmarg skiing

Also called the meadow of flowers, skiing in Gulmarg is a wonderful experience because of the wonderful snow landscapes. Come and enjoy the Srinagar global skiing adventure trip. You can also come here through the winter sports festival conducted by Hellovisit. Snowfall in Kashmir has made many in this world spellbound because of the distinctness of the region. In Gulmarg, you can also train yourself in the famous skiing institute and you can come during the skiing festival. Come here through the Gulmarg adventure trip package from Mumbai conducted by Hellovisit.


Bat Factories at Sangam

If you are a lover of cricket, you can visit Sangam, located 40 km from Srinagar. To become a cricket sportsman, you need a strong and reliable bat. Sangam offers you the best bats made of the finest deodar wood. Cricket is in the blood of India and when you see young children playing this game on the streets of Kashmir to Kanyakumari, you remember the bat factories at best things to do in Srinagar 

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Jama Masjid

 Jama masjid at Kathi Darwaza is an architectural marvel and is known for its Indo architecture. The mosque comprises a spectacular courtyard apart from more than three hundred and fifty wooden pillars. Come here through the Kashmir heritage trip packages conducted by Hellovisit. Known for its splendid Islamic architecture, this is a place of prayer for the believers of Islam. The prayers are conducted five times during the day and the mosque glitters during important days of Islam like Eid.


Paragliding Trip

Paragliding is an exclusive experience in Srinagar but you should analyze the experience level in order to avoid risks. You can enjoy paragliding from Pari Mahal. Come and enjoy the Kashmir adventure trip package.best things to do in Srinagar  Paragliding is a wonderful sport and you have to glide from an elevation. It is advised to check safety before you land. If you are fresh and adventurous about this sport, you should consult a guide or take expert advice before you go for it.


Houseboat Stay

Srinagar is some of the few regions in the world where you can have residential stays in lakes in the form of houseboats. best things to do in Srinagar You can enjoy the houseboat stay at Dal Lake with all comfort and food facilities. Come and enjoy the houseboat stay through the Srinagar trip packages. best things to do in Srinagar In the houseboats on the Dal lake, you will get luxury and you can also get the expert cooks who make the authentic cuisines of the region. They can cook Rogan Josh and yakhni for you.


Mughal Gardens

Come and enjoy the beauty of the Mughal gardens through the Srinagar trip guide. Some of the exclusive Mughal gardens in Srinagar are Nishat, Shalimar, Harwan, Cheshma Shahi, and more. Mughal gardens were built by Mughal rulers who were really fascinated by the region. When you enter these gardens, you enjoy the aroma of flowers and you can also enjoy the fruits of trees. Come here through the Kashmir trip packages from Kolkata conducted by Hellovisit.


Shikara ride on Dal jheel

Dal lake has mesmerized travelers to the core and if you enjoy the shikara ride in Dal lake on a sunny or foggy day, it will be a good experience of nature.best things to do in Srinagar  Come here through the Kashmir trip package. Enjoy the shikara ride to the famous Char chinar and from there, you can again come to the banks of Dal Jheel or Nehru park. Shikaras are wood-crafted boats with roofs and these are decorated from the inside. You can have a comfortable ride in these boats.

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