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Popular Fairs and Festivals of Sikkim

Popular Fairs and Festivals of Sikkim

Sikkim is diverse in culture, heritage as well as exotic environmental beauty. Come to this sensational region of Northeast India and mix it up with festivals and traditions. You must not miss the key festivals in this region but it all depends on the timings when you land here. Also called Last Shangri La, Sikkim will astonish you.


List of the Popular Fairs and Festivals of Sikkim 

  • Losoong Festival
  • Losar Festival
  • Bhumchu Festival
  • Saga Dawa
  • Lhabab Duchen Festival
  • Hee Bermiok Festival
  • Tendong Festival
  • International Flower Festival
  • Mangan Music Festival
  • Sikkim Paragliding Festival

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Losoong Festival

This grand festival lasts for five days in Sikkim and is among the preferable cultural events for tourists. Celebrated in accordance with the calendar of Tibet, it falls on the 18th day in the tenth month. This event is sensational because of the harvest celebration. Come here to enjoy this event through the India trip package. Monasteries host cultural events including folk dances during this festive season.

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Losar Festival

It marks the advent of the harvest season. Being a traveler you can participate in various events during this festive season and have the tasty Tsampa. You will be awestruck by the elaborate decorations during this festival and there is much to see. Come and enjoy this event through the Sikkim trip from Mumbai.

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Bhumchu Festival

The event is related to the Tashiding monastery and attracts travelers from different locations. The event carries relevance because of the new year forecast by the Lamas. For this, they make use of the water elevation in the pot. Come and participate in the event through northeast India holiday packages from Delhi.

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Saga Dawa

Considered among the attractive festive celebrations of the region of Sikkim, the Saga Dawa festival gives an opportunity to learn about Buddhist teachings. This festive season marks the celebration of the birthday of Lord Buddha. Processions are a part of this festive event. Come here through the Bharat holiday package from Chennai conducted by Hellovisit.

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Lhabab Duchen Festival

Lahbab is an important festive event in Sikkim and attracts travelers to this region. The festival falls in the ninth month as per the lunar calendar. The day is also related to Lord Vishwakarma who transferred Buddha from heaven to earth on a special ladder. Come here through the Sikkim festival package from Delhi.

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Hee Bermiok Festival

This is a village festival celebrated in west Sikkim and you can enjoy good food as well as dishes during the event. The festival attracts many and you can enjoy the colorful traditions during this multi-day festival. Come here through India holiday tour packages conducted by Hellovisit.

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Tendong Festival

Tendong festival makes you go deep into the tribal culture of Sikkim. During the festival, they celebrate their mythology and culture. Famous among Lepcha people, you can have a good time during the event. This festival is a trekker's delight. Come here through the Sikkim trip guide from Kolkata.

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International Flower Festival

Supervised by the tourism department of Sikkim, this month-long celebration takes place in White Hall in Gangtok. If you are an environmentalist, you are at the right spot for this event and you can feel the aroma of multiple species of flowers and herbs. Come here through the Sikkim tour packages from Jaipur.

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Mangan Music Festival

You can see live music performances during the Kangan music festival. During the event, you become familiar with the diverse cultural history of the state. Come here through Sikkim trip packages from Jammu.

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Sikkim Paragliding Festival

If you are an adventure lover, especially a lover of paragliding, this festival in Gangtok is for you. Enthusiasts from around the globe attend this chilly event where you get a complete opportunity to interact with nature. Come here through the India adventure trip package.

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