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Travel destination in Himachal Pradesh

Travel destination in Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is a northern Indian state in the Himalayas. It's home to beautiful mountain towns and resorts like Dalhousie. Host to the Dalai Lama, Himachal Pradesh has a solid Tibetan presence. This is reflected in its Buddhist sanctuaries and cloisters, just as its lively Tibetan New Year festivities. The district is likewise notable for its journeying, climbing, and skiing regions.

 The best Himachal Pradesh destinations that should definitely be on your travel list this year 2021 by Hellovisit. And while these best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh are perfect for visiting throughout the year, here’s the best time to visit them to witness them in all their glory. Take a look! According to the Hellovisit best top destinations for travel and Honeymoon and Family Tour. 

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One of the most famous hill stations of Northern India – Shimla which is the right mix of Indian glory with British sophistication.it is consecrated stunning landscape and fresh climate all through the year. Without a doubt, it is one of the best tourist places in Himachal. Shimla is the capital of the state of Himachal Pradesh. Certain places on earth do boast of places that equal or even surpass the beauty of Shimla.

Vacationer and Shimla visit bundles offer every last bit of it. The Shimla bundles incorporate the cold mountains, incredibly rich vegetation, and welcome you to partake in their immortal excellence. With our vacation bundle for Shimla, prepare to go on an audacious excursion to this Queen of slope station where you won't just get a chance to encounter the all-encompassing perspective on the mountains and valleys yet additionally evaluate probably the most exciting sensational exercises that a large number of guests love to enjoy each year.

What should be done

  • Full fill your shopping desire at the Mall Road
  • Enjoy a trek to jak hills and a visit to Lord Hanuman’s Temple
  • Visit the Viceregal Lodge to appreciate the British elegance
  • Try your hands on Polo at Annandale which is 4km from the Ridge


One of the best places to visit in Himachal Pradesh is Kullu and Manali. If you are on the lookout for fresh air and green mountains amidst the snow-covered ranges then Kullu Manali indeed should be on the top of your list. There are numerous awesome places to visit in Manali that makes your vacation a perfect one!

Manali is a town in the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh. It is arranged in the northern finish of the Kullu Valley

Settled in the strong Himalayas, Manali has an excess of terrific valleys loaded up with woodlands of oak, fir, and pine. It is a full bundle of nature, food, experience sports, and antiquated legacies. Sprinkling stream Beas streams gladly in the midst of the valley. A ton of spouting cascades as Jogni falls and Rahala falls flush out of erratically positioned rocks. You can likewise get sights of rambling knolls, terraced cultivating, organic product plantations. This load of sights amounts to making the town look stunningly lovely. 

What should be done:

  • Indulge in adventure sports at Solang Valley
  • Visit Manali Bird Sanctuary
  • Go trekking, camping, angling & river rafting in Kullu
  • Visit the Old temples


Dharamshala clearly has to be on your list of best Himachal Pradesh destinations. Famous not only because of its environment but also you get to see how the multicultural Indian community lives in unity with the Indo Tibetan community.

Hellovisit provides the best packages for Himachal Pradesh. The best time to visit Dharamshala is between mid-February to mid-July (spring and summer) when the weather is pleasant with a temperature ranging between 21-34 degrees Celcius.

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What should be done:

  • Enjoy a boat ride across the Dal Lake and witness the royal Kangra Fort.
  • Pay homage to the Bhagsunath Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, and simultaneously enjoy the cascading Bhagsu falls.
  • Visit various monasteries, the Kangra Art Museum, the Dalai Lama Temple Complex and see the magnificent tea plantation on the foothills of Kangra valley

Kasauli – The Gateway To Himachal

Kasauli is a perfect getaway from the hustle-bustle of the city and is one of the quietest places to visit in Himachal in June. Almost on the outskirts of Punjab and Haryana, it is well attached by roadways

Kasauli is a little slope town in the north Indian territory of Himachal Pradesh. It's home to gabled pioneer time houses, plantations, and green-roofed Christ Church, dating from the mid-nineteenth century. At the southern edge of town, Monkey Point disregards the woods of pony chestnut and Himalayan oak. A little sanctuary likewise sits on the slope. Close by, the Gilbert Nature Trail twists through lavish green wide open rich in birdlife.

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What should be done:

  • Visit the Anglican Church which was built during the British era.
  • Enjoy a great stroll or a trek on the lower mall which leads to the Monkey point which is in the shape of Lord Hanuman’s foot.
  • A must-watch is the sunrise and the sunset point where you can witness the most beautiful sky.
  • If you are fond of walking and exploring nature then do take the Gilbert Trail

Bir Billing – An Adventure-Seeker’s Paradise

Bir is a natural town located in the west of Joginder Nagar Valley in the region of Himachal Pradesh in northern India. It is additionally the area of the Bir Tibetan Colony, established in the mid 1960's as a settlement for Tibetan outcasts after the 1959 Tibetan hill.

In case you're an undertaking searcher, Bir Billing is the world-renowned hub for experience sports and it must be on your rundown of the top Himachal Pradesh vacationer places. Bir is a little town which is situated on the western side of Himachal Pradesh and is honored with a reviving environment.

What should be done:

  • Experience some adrenaline rush as you paraglide in the beautiful Himalayan valleys and camp amazing weather and safe surroundings.
  • Visit the gorgeous Buddhism monasteries in Bhattu, Coggan, and Chauntra Bhattu colony located in the center of the forest.
  • Just around 10 km from Bir Billing is the beautifully carved 13th-century Vaidyanath devoted to Lord Shiva.
  • Visit the Palampur Tea Cooperative where you can attend a free tour to see the tea-making process.

Dalhousie – Mini Switzerland Of India

Dalhousie is a high-elevation town spread across 5 slopes close to the Dhauladhar hill range in the north Indian territory of Himachal Pradesh. It's home to provincial period structures, including St. Francis and St. John's houses of worship, which date back to the standard of the British Raj during the 1800s. A journey up Dainkund Peak prompts Pholani Devi Temple. Toward the north, Subhash Baoli is a tranquil region with pine trees and all-encompassing perspectives.

Dalhousie is one more slope station in Himachal Pradesh which is great for de-focusing in the quiet, serene lower atmosphere. Away from the hustle-clamor of the city life, pause for a minute or two and partake in nature in Dalhousie, one of the top Himachal Pradesh vacationer places. Remember to investigate the stunning spots to visit in Dalhousie to get the best encounters of this spot.

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What should be done:

  • Experience the beauty of nature in the valley of Khajjiar which is also known as the Switzerland of India
  • Enjoy a gentle walk or a trek in the beautiful terrain in Dainkund Walk, Ganji Pahadi Walk, and Bakrota Walk.
  • Visit the St. John’s Church, the oldest church in the town. It is one of the best historical places in Himachal Pradesh. 
  • Relish the cascading waterfalls near Delhi – namely, the Chamera falls and the Satdhara falls

Spiti, Tabo,  Kaza

The Spiti Valley is a virus desert mountain valley found high in the Himalayas mountains in the northeastern piece of the Indian province of Himachal Pradesh. The name "Spiti" signifies "The Middle Land", for example, the land among Tibet and India. 

It was one more august state which consented with the Indian republic and is one of the cleanest states in India. Having an association with three countries makes Sikkim a one-of-a-kind state in India. On the eastern side, it is Nepal. On the northern boondocks and fractional eastern boundary, we have Tibet and on some eastern parts it is associated with Bhutan

What should be done:

  • Spectate the Chunpa fun or walk to the ancient traditional meditation center at Lari Dupuy.
  • Visit the Millennium Monastery, Gue mummy, or Dhankar monastery, and rock carving at Tabo.
  • Hike to Angla and Phela – nomadic plains on the hills north of Tabo
  • Go for a traditional photoshoot at Nadang Lhakhang and attend the cultural show (cham dance), with local food and tea.
  • Walk to the famous rang rik Rewa cave, visit the Snow point Kunzom, and if lucky enjoy the Snow Leopard / Ibex sighting and river rafting.